Mixology – Amaro dell'Etna

Etna mojito

Mud lime, brown sugar and mint leaves
1.1⁄2 oz. Amaro dell’etna
1 oz. Light Rum(Pampero)
Top Soda

Garnish: mint leaves

NOTE: The Sicily meets Cuba , the amaro dell’etna, with its herbs and spices aromatize the freshness of cocktail give it a determined and bitter note .

Etna whisky

1 oz. Amaro dell’etna
1 oz. Whisky (johnny walker red label)
1 oz. Vermouth rosso (punt & mes)

Garnish: orange twist

NOTE:Strong taste. This cocktail is born in America,the secret is to equilibrate the intensity, don’t the quantity . A perfect wedding between red vermouth , whisky and naturally amaro dell’etna.

Etna choco

1.1⁄4 oz. Amaro dell’etna
3⁄4 oz. Chocolate liqueur

NOTE: Amaro dell’etna and chocolate together give a bittersweet taste. To chocolate lovers which can’t resist to greediness.

Etna shake

2 oz. Amaro dell’etna

Garnish : Orange and Cinnamon

NOTE: cocktail chic, sipped slowly, you can taste the cinnamon’s and orange’s aromas in a perfect mix which inebriate the palate.

Etna cooler

Mud of orange , lemon , brown sugar and mint leaves
1.1⁄2 oz. Amaro dell’etna
Fill Ginger beer

Garnish : Menta

NOTE: Orange and lemon flavours join with the ginger , in a spice aftertaste prevail the amaro dell’etna. It’s a perfect long drink for all season.

Etna citrus

1.1⁄4 oz. Amaro dell’etna
1 oz. Orange juice
1⁄2 oz. Lemon juice
Garnish: Orange slice

NOTE: The Sicilian character in a glass. The flavors and fragrances of Sicily’s land mixed with wisely in a single drink that it gives to the first- rate palate, all the love and tradition of the ancient amaro dell’etna.

Etna coffee

1.1⁄4 oz. Amaro dell’etna
3⁄4 oz. Coffee liqueur (Kalhua)

NOTE: Sweet cocktail has the Amaro dell’etna base, for those who can’t give up to coffee taste in anytime.

Etna spritz

1.1⁄2 oz. Amaro dell’etna
Fill Prosecco

Garnish : orange slice

NOTE : A sparkiling mix and unmistakable taste of amaro dell’etna. The perfect pre-dinner for every moment.